2021 Federal election questions

Considering the input received from our members, the board of directors has selected the following six questions to ask the political parties. The questions have been sent to each of the major parties. Once a response is received, we will post it on our website.

For comparison purposes, we kept the 2019 questions and responses online.

1. There is scientific consensus that we are facing a dire climate emergency and that Canada is disproportionately responsible.
Given this,

  1. How will you monitor the efficacy of your climate action plan? What will you do if your targets are not being met?
  2. What are your plans to mitigate the damages caused by climate change?

2. The Harper government abolished a number of government research institutes and research programs, often in the process destroying archives with the results of decades of research. They also prevented scientists from speaking at conferences and to the public.

  1. Do you support resumption of any of these programs, efforts to reconstitute any of the destroyed archives, or a return to earlier research priorities?
  2. Would you put any restrictions on the right of scientists to share their findings with other scientists and the public?

3. In 2019, Ottawa shut down the Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN), Canada’s international alert system for disease outbreaks.

  • Will your party re-establish this agency and have it report to the Science Advisor so that cuts are not made by non-scientists?

4. Federal agencies conduct many types of inspections.

  • If elected will your party make publicly available the results of inspections conducted under federal mandates? This would include, for example, inspections of food, animal care and transport, transportation safety, and manufacturing.

5. Everyone who makes decisions affecting our country should have access to the best information available. What will your party do with the Office of the Chief Science Advisor? Will you:

  1. Abolish it,
  2. Maintain it as is,
  3. Strengthen it by making it responsible to parliament rather than government?

6. Government partially or fully funds a lot of research, much of which is not available to the public that has funded it.

  1. Do you support making all publicly funded research accessible to the
  2. Are you prepared to introduce a law to this effect?


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